Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 16, 2018

A school of educators who call themselves constructivists argue that young students actually construct knowledge on their own.

But is this really true?

Apart from the dedication & efforts of their teachers and the concrete, specific goals that their teachers & parents & caregivers formulate for them & then track, I think that most students do not construct knowledge.

There may be visible vestiges of this that appear like ghosts from time to time – facsimiles and simulacrums, that the irrational can point to & claim: “There! There it is!”

But too often, these are chimera, products of wish-fulfillment & expectations on the part of adults who fervently believe that ideology may, perhaps, override reality if we wish hard enough.

It is true that knowledge & learning are always possible in a vacuum or in mental vacuity, but the only individuals who can achieve these great gifts without the help & assistance of educators already possess them.