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A full description of the book, along with other pertinent information, can be found on my website:

I have some events coming in the autumn which might be of interest.

The Church of Mabus 
Radio Interview- Friday, 9/4/15 7:00 PM Eastern Time

Mabus is an online multimedia conglomerate which focuses on researching and reporting on supernatural, paranormal, and unexplained phenomenon. Operating since 2001, Mabus has evolved from a simple web-community of paranormal and UFO enthusiasts into a multi-site and multi-medium news network. Mabus consists of the Church of Mabus radio show on the Paranormal UFO Radio Network, the quarterly CONTINUUM Magazine, and the Mabus Incarnate online forum.Mabus was conceptualized by Jeffery Pritchett, host of the Church of Mabus radio show and CEO of Mabus.The Mabus goal is threefold: to disseminate quality information regarding unexplained phenomenon by attracting professional and credible ufologists and paranormal researchers; to create a multimedia exchange and archive in the forms of podcasts, print-on-demand magazine, member blogs, vlogs, live interviews, discussion boards, original articles, and syndicated feeds; and to build a web-based community of enlightened individuals who support full disclosure of sightings and experiences.

The Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room.
Book Signing Event- Tuesday, 10/6/15, 7:00-8:30 PM

The Crazy Wisdom  Bookstore & Tea Room is located on 114 South Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan between Washington & Huron. The store is one of the largest and well-known bookstores in Michigan, established in March, 1982. Crazy Wisdom offers 200 book categories, from Acupuncture to Zen, Affirmations to Yoga. They also carry gifts, cards, jewelry, crafts, art, music, incense, ritual Items, candles, aromatherapy, body tools & yoga supplies, reflecting the best selection of merchandise available to nurture Body, Mind and Spirit. In addition, the bookstore also hosts the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room,  a great place to dine, relax, unstress and enjoy a great cup of tea; the Tea Room serves over 100 varieties of tea, coffee and coffee specialty drinks, appetizers, entrees, dips, delectable desserts and treats.

A Room of One's Own Bookstore
315 W. Gorham St Madison WI 53703
P: (608) 257-7888

Book Signing Event:  Thursday, October 8, 2015, 6:00 -7:30 PM

A Room of One's Own is located in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin near the University of Wisconsin campus. The Room is an independent, local bookstore that offers a wide selection of current and classic fiction, nonfiction, periodicals, graphic novels, local interest titles, gifts, greeting cards, and t-shirts. The store also has strong children's and young adult, women's studies and LGBT fiction and nonfiction sections.The Room is also proud to be a central part of Madison's women's community and it provides an attractive meeting place, event forum, and safe space for members of this community as well as for visiting authors.


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