Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My book H. P. LOVECRAFT &THE BLACK MAGICKAL TRADITION was released on September 1, 2015 and is now available in most bookstores throughout the US and the UK.  The book can also be ordered on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, and on other online sites throughout the country and overseas.  

I have two upcoming events scheduled for September.

[1] Pages Bookshop
19560 Grand River Avenue
Detroit, MI 48223

Book Signing Event- Saturday, September 26, 2015
Time:  2:00-3:30 PM

The Pages Bookshop is located in a central area of the city of Detroit on Grand River between Outer Drive and Evergreen near North Rosedale Park.  The hours are Mon- Sat 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. & Thursday evening until 8:00 PM.  Contact  Info:

Pages frequently hosts leading writers in all genres for author visits.

Susan Murphy, the owner and operator of the bookshop, explains succinctly on the store’s website her rationale for operating a bookstore : “I want to share my passion for reading as a way to connect, both to stories and to each other. Even though reading seems to be a solitary activity, it can lead to great conversations between people. My book store will provide a gathering space to share the stories within books.  

[2] The Night Fright Show with Brent Holland

Radio Interview- Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern Time

The Night Fright Show with host Brent Holland is the voice in the dark for paranormal & conspiracy broadcasting. Night Fright is the number #1 Canadian based radio show of its genre. Contact Info:

Brent Holland is a multi award winning music composer for feature films and television having composed for NASA, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CBC, SRC, CTV, TVA, TQS, Global, etc. and also in Vietnam, France, Turkey, Great Britain and Europe. His score for the Canadian feature film 21 Brothers, about Canadians in the trenches of World War I, is in the Guinness World Book of Records. Holland has BFA in Music and BFA in Theatre Design (lighting) having worked extensively in this area with Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Yes, and many, many more. Holland is currently producing the feature length documentary "Ted Sorensen: The Man Who Saved The World...Really!"

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