Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1, 2017

I have an upcoming SKYPE interview on the Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.  The interview will take place on Tuesday night, March 7, 2017 from 7:45 – 9:00 PM EST. 

The interview will be available for listening or for download shortly after the first airing of the show; it will appear in the show’s website archives, on YouTube and other web locations.

The hosts Andrieh Vitimus, magickal practitioner for fifteen years and author of the influential book: Hands On Chaos Magic (Llewellyn) and Jason Colwell, instructor at the Quantum Life Science Institute in Ohio, push the envelope on every episode of their show on htp:// to determine “just how far the rabbit hole of reality and metaphysics really goes”, as they describe it. 

The show is focused on results driven magickal practices and active spirituality, with the important goal of bringing the occult arts to individuals who can then transform themselves and start making a difference in the workaday world.  I will, of course, be discussing my book H.P. Lovecraft & the Black Magickal Tradition (2015) and any other subjects that my hosts and their audience might want to discuss.  It will be a lot of fun, so please check it out!

The show can be reached via the website address:

Later in March, I will also be interviewed on the Mysterious Matters Cultural, Paranormal and Science Podcast, the date to be determined. The host of the show is Bob Bain and the show is produced in Nashville, TN. 

Mr. Bain is convinced (and rightly so) that there are invisible forces at play every day in our lives and that these “mysterious” forces can manipulate what we see, what we think and even what we achieve.

I agree, and I would further add that in the 21st century, contemporary physics is moving closer and closer to an accurate study of these mysterious forces.  But the invisible world isn’t really invisible; it is merely subatomic, part and parcel of the Quantum Universe.

I hope to have a nice, speculative discussion with Mr. Bain about all of these issues, as I discuss my book and my current and future projects.

Mysterious Matters can be reached at


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