Sunday, July 16, 2017

July 16, 2017

My interview on The Wicked Domain with Alex Matsuo, 10 PM EST, 5/10/17, is now available for listening or for download.

At the end of summer and early autumn, I will be attending two conventions & giving presentations & book signings.

First, I am going to be a guest at the Carnival of Para-Horror 2017 in Buffalo, New York. The Carnival runs from Friday, 8/25/17 through Sunday, 8/2717.  The Carnival will be held at the Buffalo Central Terminal, 495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo New York.

My presentation will take place in the late afternoon on Saturday & Sunday. The title of my presentation is "H. P. Lovecraft's Cosmic Carnival of Horror", which will be a very innovative presentation.

I will demonstrate exactly why H. P. Lovecraft's "horror" is, in fact, the ultimate horror & much more disturbing & frightening than the horror that one usually encounters in contemporary cinema & literature.

Second, I am going to be a guest at The Scarefest X Convention in Lexington, Kentucky. The convention runs from Friday, 9/29/17 through Sunday, 10/1/17. The Scarefest X Convention will be held in the Lexington Convention Center in downtown Lexington. 

My presentation will take place on Saturday & Sunday.  The title of my presentation is “H. P. Lovecraft’s Cosmic Scare Fest”; it will be similar to the Carnival of Para-Horror presentation, except that it is slanted more towards cinematic horror.


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