Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

I created a glog recently to express my understanding of the dimensions important for early education to take root & blossom. 

In the center is the image of a multi-dimensional figure, expanding up, each dimension emerging & linked to the preceding sequence of figures, spawning as it were from each of the heads.

The dimensions make it possible for the secondary school teacher to create student profiles.  The foundation for the profiles is the data amassed by the teacher as she attempts to know & understand her students

But it is important to recognize that these profiles & their foundations are not necessarily linked to the integration of the self.

The self is an amorphous, nebulous entity, ever-changing, ever-shifting, fragmented at times, integrated at other times, but always in a state of flux.

Consequently, there can be no cause-and-effect connection between such a fluidic, transitory thing and any human-centric empirical process, particularly when it comes to the educational process.

It is a pleasant hope that learning might contribute to an integrated self, but there is also the possibility that it might not, and other, disparate factors, such as age, maturity, life experiences, technology and popular culture, may play an even more important role in shaping or, in fact, disintegrating the self.  

I have juxtaposed the mirror images of the integrated self and the fragmented self in the upper right and lower left corners of the glog.

The wall behind the glog represents a vast, blue goddess, the Goddess of Space & the Earth, pouring abundant waters upon the planet & nourishing it.

The waters, perhaps, nourish the tasks that the secondary school educator has set for herself.  And though her pursuit may end up yielding mixed results it is nonetheless an important pursuit; a positive reminder that the stakes here may be less than we might wish for, and yet, important & worthy of whatever attention we can give them. 


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