Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 14, 2016

On August 16, 2016, I am going to be a guest on the Beyond the Forest Radio Show hosted by Sanjay R. Singhal, RA. 
The episode will air at 7 pm Central/ 8 pm Eastern; the show will last about two hours.  For those of you who want to listen to the original broadcast, here is the weblink to the show:  Beyond The Forest Radio Welcomes Author John L Steadman!  

If you miss the original broadcast, the episode will be archived at the official Beyond the Forest Show Blog Talk Radio Page:

At the end of summer, I will be a guest at The Carnival of ParaHorror in Buffalo, New York, at The Buffalo Central Terminal.  Tickets are available at!tickets/cxfo and at the door.

The Carnival of ParaHorror is a three-day event, Friday, 8/26-Sunday, 8/28/16.  I will be giving a two-day presentation: Saturday, 8/27, 2:00-3:00 PM, and Sunday, 8/28/16, 1:00- 2:00 PM

My presentation on Saturday is: “H. P. Lovecraft’s Cosmic Weird Tales & the Cinema.”  I will examine Lovecraft’s aesthetic and key films that are based on Lovecraft’s works: Stuart Gordon’s Dagon (2001); Daniel Haller’s The Dunwich Horror (1970); the Samuel Z. Arkoff production of Die Monster Die (1965), starring Boris Karloff, and Roger Corman’s The Haunted Palace (1963).

I will also offer a new, startling interpretation of Lovecraft’s major Great Old Ones, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth & Cthulhu, the extra-terrestrial entities that lie at the center of Lovecraft’s philosophy and his works.

On Sunday, my presentation will be: “H. P. Lovecraft’s Goddess Shub-Niggurath: Redefining the Horned God Archetype of the Wiccans”.  In this presentation, I am concentrating on this last of Lovecraft’s major Great Old Ones.

Shub-Niggurath represents a special type of entity, which is why I have decided to discuss this entity separately from the others. Shub-Niggurath not only redefines Wiccan archetype, but also, brings this Great Old One into closer alignment with the frightening, impersonal vastness of the cosmos as Lovecraft understood it.

I will also have a stall at the Carnival for those who wish to purchase a signed copy of my new book, and for those who, likewise, might want to just drop by and say hello.  I hope to see some of my Facebook and Twitter friends and colleagues who live in the New York area as well.

My interview with Micah Hanks on The Gralien Report on July 11, 2016 is now available for listening or for download.  

My interview with Gwilda Wiyaka on The Science of Magic radio show, July 14, 2016, is likewise available for listening on their Youtube channel and on their website.


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