Wednesday, September 16, 2020

September 16, 2020


A truism among educators is that the only stupid question is the question that remains unasked.  And this is true for the most part, but only when the questions are small questions.

When it comes to the larger questions, the things that we really want to know about and understand, when we ask our question, by the time we get an answer it is always too late.

It is late, and hopes, often, have died, and love, frequently, has been lost, and death has come quietly or harshly, as it often does, and taken away the things that we love to a place where we will never see them again. 

We should get in the habit of not asking the larger questions, but instead, seeking out the answers for ourselves. By doing this, we free ourselves from time and the constraints that come with it. 

And when we get our answers, hopes are fulfilled and love regained and the dead things that we loved are suddenly alive in a place of life everlasting which is easily reached when we are eventually allowed to join them.


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