Sunday, February 7, 2021

February 7, 2021

 Greetings Everyone!

On February 6, 2021, I was a guest on Midnight in the Desert, which is broadcast on the Dark Matter Network.  My host, Tim Ozman, is the author of many popular books such as Secret Religion of the Elite, The Autohoaxer Handbook, and The Power of ME: Mandela Effect Magick.

The interview ran from 12 PM- 3 AM Eastern Standard Time &  was my longest interview to date. It was also one of my best. Tim & I discussed my new book Aliens, Robots & Virtual Reality Idols in the Science Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov and William Gibson.

We also covered a very broad & delightful range of other topics.

*H. P. Lovecraft & prehistoric alien invaders.

* Isaac Asimov’s Foundation & Robot Novels.

* William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy.

*The equivalence of Lovecraft’s views to those of contemporary quantum physics.

*Gibson’s views on virtual reality & how it relates to “real” reality.

*The diminishment of humankind in the 21st century & beyond.

*My own personal experience with the “alien” & what the word “alien” really means. 

Please check it out!  It was a fun, joyous & speculative romp through the darker recesses of popular culture & cosmic consciousness.



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