Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October 25, 2017

The powers of the imagination are primary.  This is especially true during the Halloween season.

I use the word “imagination” in its true sense, i.e. to image, or to make images.

By imagining, the mind’s dormant powers, known to the ancient world metaphorically as will, knowledge, understanding & assimilation, can be activated.

The imagination, unleashed, unlocks a world of possibilities, and the mind thinking in isolation begins to think in harmony with the higher mental faculties.

*                                                          *
My Carnival of Para-Horror Presentation, H. P. Lovecraft’s Cosmic Carnival of Horror, is now a 23- minute YouTube video, uploaded by my daughter to YouTube.

My daughter, Ligeia Leigh Steadman, a sophomore at Michigan State University, majoring in Japanese, created the animation & chose the background images, the film-clips & the music.   I supplied the passages from Lovecraft’s works.

Our presentation explains why Lovecraft’s brand of horror is truly terrifying in its implications for the future existence & well-being of humankind.

Our focus is on four major Lovecraft themes: cosmic indifferentism; humankind’s insignificance in the universe; humanity’s inability to perceive the reality of the world or to comprehend the nature of extra-terrestrial entities; and finally, the ultimate nothingness of the life & the universe that we think we know.

If you are fascinated by Lovecraft’s philosophy & his horror, fantasy, and sci-fi stories, then you will enjoy our animation presentation.  

In particular, you should study the pyramid, which points down instead of up, to illustrate just how heavily the burden of time lies on humankind, and how brief & infinitesimal human life really is in the grand scheme of things.


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