Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

These are my Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns!  Please take a look!


They came from my own pumpkin patch across the street from my large, spooky house. 
During the autumn, the pumpkins crept out along their vines, hidden in shadow; green, yellow, then orange in the dark, leafy twilight.
They ripened slowly, turning up their faces & fat bellies to the smoky, ash-gray skies and orange sun.
They were waiting for the knife and the knife came at last.

So here they are.

And here is a spell, also, for you to recite on this special night.  It is called "Witches Ride."

Let this spell evoke the energies & the atmosphere of Halloween!

Night, black as pitch!
Black as a witch!
Where's the moon?
Gone too soon!
Hoot owls are out.

Bats fly about.
Where they glide,
Witches ride. 



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